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“Dunkirk”. Photo: Warner

Review: Surviving the Beach

Dunkirk: There’s pressing tension right from the start.

Ansel Elgort in “Baby Driver”. Photo: TriStar

Review: Delivering for Doc

Baby Driver: Edgar Wright knows how to make something old and stale look fun and cool again.

Martin Landau on “Reel 13”. Photo: PBS

Martin Landau 1928-2017

Landau was often seen as a supporting actor who could elevate any material.

George A. Romero. Photo: Toronto International Film Festival

George A. Romero 1940-2017

Romero didn’t seem to enjoy being challenged by other filmmakers when it came to zombie movies. But they remain forever indebted to him. 

Myrna Loy, Skippy and William Powell in “The Thin Man”. Photo: MGM

Review: Cocktails and a Mystery

The Thin Man: We do enjoy so much the frantic pace, the witty dialogue and how well W.S. Van Dyke stages complex, crowded scenes.

Charlize Theron in “Atomic Blonde”. Photo: Focus Features

Quick Take: Berlin Brawl

Atomic Blonde: Convoluted and uneven story, but the movie always has another trick up its sleeve.

Andy Serkis in “War for the Planet of the Apes”. Photo: 20th Century Fox

Quick Take: Caesar’s Last Stand

War for the Planet of the Apes: A gripping, action-filled clash between civilizations, with mankind in decline.

Jim Carrey in “The Truman Show”. Photo: Paramount

Review: Before Big Brother

The Truman Show: The film’s warped sense of humor makes it easier to swallow the fantastical story.