Bad Boys


badboysThe Miami Vice concept survives even without Michael Mann, it would seem. Director Michael Bay makes good use of the sun-drenched Miami scenery here and guarantees that the action scenes are up to par in this buddy-buddy movie. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are worth a look as the bad boy cops, but their hunt for stolen drugs is not as amusing as the part where they are forced to switch identities to keep a witness to murder (Téa Leoni) from bailing out on them. Unfortunately, the movie is too familiar and doesn’t know when to call it a day.

1995-U.S. 126 min. Color. Directed by Michael Bay. Cast: Martin Lawrence (Marcus Burnett), Will Smith (Mike Lowrey), Téa Leoni (Julie Mott), Theresa Randle, Tchéky Karyo, Marg Helgenberger… Joe Pantoliano.

Trivia: Followed by Bad Boys II (2003).

Quote: “You know, you drive almost slow enough to drive Miss Daisy.” (Lawrence to Smith)

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