Mad Love


Teenager Matt Leland (Chris O’Donnell) falls in love with an eccentric girl (Drew Barrymore), but she turns out to be mentally ill; after helping her escape from a psychiatric ward, they go on the lam… An attempt from Priest (1994) director Antonia Bird to make an inspiring, romantic and moving drama about teenagers, but sadly it falls flat. Kids on the run from a world dominated by adults who simply can’t understand them… well, we’ve been down that road before and the filmmakers are unable to dig deeper. Barrymore is the right actor for the part of Casey, though.

1995-U.S. 95 min. Color. Directed by Antonia Bird. Cast: Chris O’Donnell (Matt Leland), Drew Barrymore (Casey Roberts), Joan Allen (Margaret Roberts), Jude Ciccolella, Kevin Dunn, Liev Schreiber… Matthew Lillard.



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