Scary Movie 3


scarymovie3Finally, they got rid of those Wayans brothers and hired the people who virtually created this genre, including David Zucker. Primarily it is The Ring and Signs that are being spoofed here, as a reporter (Anna Faris) finds out that a deadly videotape has something to do with circles in crop fields. But she is essentially a supporting character to the real stars of this genre; it’s nice to see Charlie Sheen and Leslie Nielsen deliver their deadpan performances. Plenty of jokes about black culture, perhaps a way of keeping the fans of the previous films.

2003-U.S. 84 min. Color. Directed by David Zucker. Cast: Anna Faris (Cindy Campbell), Charlie Sheen (Tom Logan), Simon Rex (George Logan), Leslie Nielsen, Regina Hall, Camryn Manheim… Kevin Hart, Queen Latifah, Pamela Anderson, Denise Richards, Macy Gray.

Trivia: Followed by Scary Movie 4 (2006).

Quote: “These men died defending their country. Send flowers to their bitches and ho’s.” (Nielsen honoring black gang members who died fighting aliens)

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