Reign of Fire


reignoffireIn the year of 2020, dragons have devastated most of Earth, but the British resistance is about to get help from the Yanks. X-Files veteran Rob Bowman delivers good-looking dragons, but not much else; not even the sight of London in ruins makes the film more interesting. Christian Bale is the tortured hero, Matthew McConaughey another Rambo and Izabella Scorupco the token woman; neither of them makes up for the uninspired story. One problem may be the setting; the medieval-looking misery brings everything down.

2002-U.S.-Britain-Ireland. 101 min. Color. Widescreen. Directed by Rob Bowman. Cast: Christian Bale (Quinn Abercromby), Matthew McConaughey (Denton Van Zan), Izabella Scorupco (Alexandra Jensen), Gerard Butler, Scott James Moutter, David Kennedy.

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