showtimeVeteran detective Mitch Preston (Robert De Niro) is forced to participate in a new reality show along with another cop (Eddie Murphy) who would rather be an actor. This loud comedy starts off by making fun of the clichés that are common in cop movies – and then goes on to embrace them fully. That would have been OK if only the movie was funnier. Spoofing reality shows within the context of a cop movie is a good idea, but not much comes out of it. The stars are alright, but Shatner tops them reliving the glory days of T.J. Hooker

2002-U.S. 95 min. Color. Widescreen. Directed by Tom Dey. Cast: Robert De Niro (Mitch Preston), Eddie Murphy (Trey Sellars), Rene Russo (Chase Renzi), Pedro Damián, Mos Def, Frankie Faison… William Shatner. 

Trivia: Will Smith co-executive-produced the film.

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