A Special Day

aspecialdayOn the day that Adolf Hitler arrives in Italy on a state visit, a housewife (Sophia Loren) who’s married to a fascist gets acquainted with a gay former radio personality (Marcello Mastroianni). One of the films that made director Ettore Scola internationally famous. His point is obvious; Loren’s character doesn’t care about politics, but her encounter with a victim of fascism opens her eyes. The meeting is eerily accompanied by the sounds of the fascist rally taking place somewhere in Rome. Well-made and somewhat moving, this is essentially a beautiful love story about unhappy souls finding comfort in each other. The stars are excellent.

1977-Italy-Canada. 106 min. Color. Produced by Carlo Ponti. Written and directed by Ettore Scola. Cinematography: Pasqualino De Santis. Cast: Sophia Loren (Antonietta Tiberi), Marcello Mastroianni (Gabriele), John Vernon (Tiberi), Françoise Berd, Nicole Magny.

Trivia: Original title: Una giornata particolare. The movie was latterly turned into a play.

Golden Globe: Best Foreign-Language Film.

Last word: “You have discussed the character a lot with the director Ettore Scola, and he’s a director that I find very sensitive and very intelligent. And I consider him as one of the three or four most important Italian directors, and I’m in debt to his talent and gentle but firm manner, for having understood and overcome all the difficulties of the character. And so I appear in front of the camera with no make up, with a little dressing gown, with slippers with a hole in.” (Loren on playing an unglamorous part, TF1)

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