Be warned. Be ready.

Washed-up movie star Jack Wyatt (Will Ferrell) is hired to star in a new TV version of Bewitched; he talks a non-actor (Nicole Kidman) into joining the cast, not knowing that she’s a real witch. Many TV shows have been made into movies, but portraying the process behind the whole thing and throwing a real witch into the story is a clever idea. Director Nora Ephron knows how to make cozy, romantic comedies, and this one is pleasant, but the stars lack charisma as a couple and Shirley MacLaine should have had more screen time.

2005-U.S. 100 min. Color. Produced by Penny Marshall, Lucy Fisher, Douglas Wick, Nora Ephron. Directed by Nora Ephron. Screenplay: Nora Ephron, Delia Ephron. Cast: Nicole Kidman (Isabel Bigelow), Will Ferrer (Jack Wyatt), Shirley MacLaine (Iris Smythson), Michael Caine, Jason Schwartzman, Kristin Chenoweth… Steve Carell.

Trivia: Jim Carrey was allegedly considered for the part of Jack. The original TV series ran from 1964-1972.

Razzie: Worst Screen Couple (Ferrell, Kidman).


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