Everybody Loves Raymond

everybodylovesraymondOne of the best-loved sitcoms of its time, Everybody Loves Raymond successfully avoided the schmaltz that seems to be obligatory whenever a family with small children is depicted on a TV show. The kids were rarely seen around the household; the stories were almost always about the adults. Ray and Debra (Ray Romano, Patricia Heaton) lived next-door to his parents and couldn’t do anything without them interfering. Mom Marie (Doris Roberts) had a wicked habit of pointing out to Debra her flaws as a housewife and making it look like friendly advice. She always favored Ray to the annoyed amazement of his brother (Brad Garrett), who usually would end up in situations where he was forced to live with the parents. Not too original, but surprisingly funny, this show featured stellar performances by Garrett and Roberts in particular.

1996-2005:U.S. Made for TV. 210 episodes. Color. Created by Philip Rosenthal. Cast: Ray Romano (Ray Barone), Patricia Heaton (Debra Barone), Brad Garrett (Robert Barone), Doris Roberts, Peter Boyle, Monica Horan (97-05).

Trivia: Remade in Russia (2009-2015), the Netherlands (2011-2012) and the Czech Republic (2015).

Emmys: Outstanding Comedy Series 02-03, 04-05; Writing 02-03; Actor (Romano) 01-02; Actress (Heaton) 99-00, 00-01; Supporting Actress (Roberts) 00-01, 01-02, 02-03, 04-05; Supporting Actor (Garrett) 01-02, 02-03, 04-05.

Quote: “I can’t believe you’re still living with them. If it was me I’d be cleaning off my fingerprints and rehearsing my 911 call.” (Romano to Garrett, discussing their parents)

Last word: “I was doing stand-up for about 12 years. And then I did a David Letterman spot. And a week later, the Letterman producer, Rob Burnett, called me and said we’re interested in trying to develop a show just based on what they saw, my stand-up, which was talking about my family. And we said fine. They pitch it to CBS. I met Phil Rosenthal. We cast these people and here we are.” (Romano in 2002, CNN)



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