Ice Station Zebra

An American nuclear sub… a sky full of Russian paratroopers… and a race for the secret of ice station Zebra!

An American nuclear sub heads for the North Pole on a rescue mission; on board is a British agent (Patrick McGoohan) who won’t tell anyone what he’s up to… as well as a traitor. Curiously remembered as Howard Hughes’s favorite movie, this is in fact one of Hollywood’s weakest Alistair MacLean adaptations. The visual effects are often good enough (except for the Styrofoam-looking ice floes), but there isn’t much tension and the cast fails to excite, with the exception of McGoohan as the agent who has a weak spot for whiskey.

1968-U.S. 148 min. Color. Widescreen. Directed by John Sturges. Novel: Alistair MacLean. Music: Michel Legrand. Cast: Rock Hudson (James Ferraday), Ernest Borgnine (Boris Vaslov), Patrick McGoohan (David Jones), Jim Brown, Tony Bill, Lloyd Nolan… Alf Kjellin.


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