Oh, Mr. Porter!

ohmrporterNe’er-do-well William Porter (Will Hay) is appointed new stationmaster of a run-down Irish halt where no train ever stops… but is the place really haunted, as the locals keep telling him? A genuine British comedy classic, perhaps the best among those that were directed by Marcel Varnel and featured Hay and his two compadres. Rather obscure to anyone not British, the film is nevertheless funny and engaging, with plenty of hilarious dialogue and situations that spin out of control for the three saps at the station. Hay in particular is very amusing. The action scenes are well made, even though they don’t quite match the genius of Buster Keaton.

1937-Britain. 84 min. B/W. Produced by Edward Black. Directed by Marcel Varnel. Screenplay: Marriott Edgar, Val Guest, J.O.C. Orton. Cast: Will Hay (William Porter), Moore Marriott (Jeremiah Harbottle), Graham Moffatt (Albert), Dave O’Toole, Dennis Wyndham.

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