Pushing Hands

pushinghandsWhen Alex’ (Bo Z. Wang) father moves in with him and his American wife (Deb Snyder) in New York, the culture clash becomes a strain on their marriage. Ang Lee’s first film is very uneven and somewhat amateurish, but also an early example of the director’s interest in family dynamics. Alex is the character that suffers the most from the clash between old China and modern America. Bo Z. Wang and Snyder are less than effective, but Sihung Lung is very good as the Chinese kung fu master; he has a great sequence in a restaurant where he truly stands his ground.

1992-U.S.-Taiwan. 100 min. Color. Directed by Ang Lee. Screenplay: Ang Lee, James Schamus. Cast: Sihung Lung (Mr. Chu), Lai Wang (Mrs. Chen), Bo Z. Wang (Alex Chu), Deb Snyder (Martha Chu), Haan Lee, Emily Liu.

Trivia: Original title: Tui shou.

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