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As veteran actors Marilyn Hack and Victor Alan Miller (Catherine O’Hara, Harry Shearer) are working on a movie together, they learn that their performances are generating Oscar buzz for the first time ever in their careers. Another mockumentary from director Christopher Guest, who probably objects to that term since he and co-writer Eugene Levy clearly have warm feelings for their struggling characters. Hollywood is the target this time and following the stars, agents, producers and moronic entertainment reporters is certainly amusing, but there is sadly not much here to garner big laughs, in spite of a great cast.

2006-U.S. 86 min. Color. Directed by Christopher Guest. Screenplay: Christopher Guest, Eugene Levy. Cast: Catherine O’Hara (Marilyn Hack), Harry Shearer (Victor Alan Miller), Parker Posey (Callie Webb), Christopher Guest, Fred Willard, Jane Lynch… Bob Balaban, Michael McKean, Eugene Levy, Ed Begley, Jr., Ricky Gervais, Sandra Oh, John Krasinski.

Quote: “You can’t throw the baby out with the bathwater because then all you have is a wet, critically injured baby.” (Michael McKean)


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