The New World


thenewworldIn 1607, a ship of English settlers arrives in Virginia; one of them, John Smith (Colin Farrell), befriends a native princess (Q’Orianka Kilcher). The story about Smith and Pocahontas receives a worthy and credible (although not necessarily entirely factual) portrayal by Terrence Malick who stays true to his style. The depiction of the natives as an inherently noble and righteous people is somewhat childish, and this is essentially a very uncomplicated movie about love, but that is easy to forget when every image is strangely haunting. 14-year-old Kilcher is a perfect Pocahontas.

2005-U.S. 149 min. Color. Widescreen. Written and directed by Terrence Malick. Cinematography: Emmanuel Lubezki. Music: James Horner. Cast: Colin Farrell (John Smith), Christopher Plummer (Christopher Newport), Q’Orianka Kilcher (Pocahontas), Christian Bale, August Schellenberg, Wes Studi… John Savage, Jonathan Pryce.

Trivia: Malick wrote the script in the 1970s. Parts of James Horner’s score were replaced with music by Wagner and Mozart. the film was cut to 135 min. after the initial premiere; also available in a 172-min. version.

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