Grace Quigley

Grace Quigley (Katharine Hepburn) has reached an age where she thinks her life is over and hires hit man Seymour Flint (Nick Nolte) to finish her off… but some of her friends want the same cure. Director Anthony Harvey and Hepburn reunited after The Lion in Winter (1968) for a very strange film. The euthanasia part is intriguing, but Nolte’s character is unrealistic and the black comedy isn’t funny. The idiotic ending ruins the film’s message and tone; it comes as no surprise that this version was mangled in editing.

1985-U.S. 87 min. Color. Directed by Anthony Harvey. Cast: Katharine Hepburn (Grace Quigley), Nick Nolte (Seymour Flint), Elizabeth Wilson (Emily Watkins), Chip Zien, Kit Le Fever, William Duell.

Trivia: The film also exists in 102-minute and 94-minute versions. The latter (whose complete title is The Ultimate Solution of Grace Quigley) is generally thought of as the best version; the ending is considerably changed. 



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