containerIt begins with images in grainy black-and-white featuring an obese transsexual and a young woman. Their dull actions are accompanied by a woman’s whispering voice; sometimes the words reveal her as the girl inside the man, sometimes as a famous movie star, at other times as other characters. Topics like Paris Hilton and Chernobyl are broached. Few but Lukas Moodysson will get the purpose of this interminably boring, pretentious film.

2006-Sweden. 74 min. B/W. Written and directed by Lukas Moodysson. Cast: Jena Malone (Woman/Speaker), Peter Lorentzon (Man), Mariha Åberg (Woman/Speaker).

Trivia: Jena Malone provided the narrating voice in the international version; the Swedish one had Mariha Åberg speaking.

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