Be Kind Rewind


bekindrewindWhen Jerry (Jack Black) becomes magnetized in an accident, every tape in his buddy’s (Mos Def) video store is destroyed; the solution could be to offer customers amateur versions of famous movies. Versatile director Michel Gondry delivers a kooky comedy that is decidedly Jack Black-ish. Results are uneven, but pretty funny and it’s interesting to see that one of the themes is the copyright battle between studios and audiences, which makes the film topical. I also like the attempt to convey a sense of community. However, there are times when the film gets too unruly.

2008-U.S. 101 min. Color. Written and directed by Michel Gondry. Cast: Jack Black (Jerry), Mos Def (Mike), Danny Glover (Elroy Fletcher), Mia Farrow, Melonie Diaz, Irv Gooch… Sigourney Weaver.

5 kopia



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