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jasonxJason Vorhees (Kane Hodder) has been captured and is accidentally cryogenically frozen along with a scientist (Lexa Doig); 400 years later they’re awakened and Jason wreaks havoc aboard a spacecraft. The tenth Friday the 13th flick brings Jason into outer space and even gives him a major upgrade near the end. People die the way they usually do in these movies, but there are a few cool references to what fans know makes Jason tick and it’s hard to resist some of the outlandish silliness.

2002-U.S. 93 min. Color. Directed by Jim Isaac. Cast: Kane Hodder (Jason Vorhees), Lexa Doig (Rowan), Lisa Ryder (Kay-Em 14), Chuck Campbell, Jonathan Potts, Peter Mensah. Cameo: David Cronenberg.

Trivia: Jason next appeared in Freddy Vs. Jason (2003).

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