In Country


Two decades after the Vietnam War, a 17-year-old Kentuckian (Emily Lloyd) is trying to understand her father’s experience as a soldier with a little help from her uncle (Bruce Willis), a surviving veteran. A faithful adaptation of Bobbie Ann Mason’s acclaimed novel that doesn’t quite capture its compelling contrast between the Vietnam generation and 1980s teenagers. Still, the portrayal of small town life is fairly appealing and the scenes at the Washington Memorial gripping, aided by the cast and James Horner’s emotional music. Lloyd’s performance though is borderline annoying.

1989-U.S. 120 min. Color. Directed by Norman Jewison. Novel: Bobbie Ann Mason. Music: James Horner. Cast: Bruce Willis (Emmett Smith), Emily Lloyd (Samantha Hughes), Joan Allen (Irene), Kevin Anderson, John Terry, Peggy Rea… Stephen Tobolowsky.



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