Kristofferson and MacGraw… ain’t nothin’ gonna get in their way!

A group of truckers, unwillingly led by Martin “Rubber Duck” Penwald (Kris Kristofferson), gets drawn into a feud with a small-town sheriff (Ernest Borgnine) that quickly escalates into a phenomenon. Based on a popular song by C.W. McCall, this could be the dumbest movie Sam Peckinpah ever directed. There’s no logic to the film’s central conflict or why hundreds of truckers would simply ignore their payload and join the convoy… but it’s still entertaining, with enjoyable action scenes. Kristofferson and Borgnine are fun as the hero and the villain, both good ol’ boys.

1978-U.S. 110 min. Color. Widescreen. Directed by Sam Peckinpah. Cast: Kris Kristofferson (Martin “Rubber Duck” Penwald), Ali MacGraw (Melissa), Ernest Borgnine (Lyle “Cottonmouth” Wallace), Burt Young, Madge Sinclair, Franklyn Ajaye.

Trivia: James Coburn allegedly worked on the film as a second-unit director.


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