Worried About the Boy


In the early 1980s, young George O’Dowd (Douglas Booth) gets a job in the cloakroom at a trendy nightclub in London and becomes part of the New Romantic movement. The rise of Boy George may not be of interest to many, but there is probably an audience out there for another portrayal of the British pop/rock scene of the ’80s where, as always, the enigmatic Malcolm McLaren plays a part. The music, fashion and icons that inspired Boy George are vividly recreated here, but the personal turmoil that he suffered through (varying degrees of heartbreak) has its lulls. Booth, however, is very good.

2010-Britain. Made for TV. 89 min. Color. Directed by Julian Jarrold. Cast: Douglas Booth (George O’Dowd), Mathew Horne (Jon Moss), Mark Gatiss (Malcolm McLaren), Marc Warren, Freddie Fox, Francis Magee.



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