Best and Worst of Fox



As Fox turns 25, Zap2It is listing the network’s greatest hits and bombs over the years. It’s a great reminder and I prefer to focus on what’s been really good. The clip above shows one of Fox’s finest moments of triumph, the fifth season of 24 where the action was complemented by a Shakespearian power struggle involving the President and the First Lady (brilliantly played by Gregory Itzin and Jean Smart). The season ended up winning the network an Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series.

My 4 favorite Fox shows (couldn’t decide on an equally good fifth show…):

  • 24 (Presidential intrigues and explosive action, all hysterically paced)
  • The Simpsons (Not so brilliant anymore, but the first decade was history in the making)
  • House (Sherlock Holmes in a hospital? Hugh Laurie, complex storylines… what more can you ask for?)
  • Arrested Development (Perhaps the funniest single-camera show ever)

Still, I can’t end this post without offering one of Fox’s absolute low points. The Chevy Chase Show (1993) was awkward from the start and lasted only five weeks. The clip below has Goldie Hawn as a guest and an embarrassing “interview” is followed by a awful, AWFUL birthday celebration of Hawn’s son Oliver… which ends with Chase and Hawn dancing on stage. Was it a spur of the moment? Were they killing air time? Did Chase suffer a brain hemorrhage? We still don’t know.


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