Journey to the Center of the Earth

Same planet. Different world.

Professor Trevor Anderson (Brendan Fraser) takes his teenage nephew (Josh Hutcherson) with him to Iceland where they team up with a local guide (Anita Briem) and suddenly find themselves in a cave leading to the center of the Earth. A new take on the Jules Verne novel where the characters learn that the author wrote a true story. Mostly an excuse to showcase astonishing new digital 3D effects; this is the first live-action film to feature them, but without that ingredient there’s little here to get excited about. Innocuous fun for the family, leaving you with a taste of plastic in your mouth.

2008-U.S. 93 min. Color. Directed by Eric Brevig. Novel: Jules Verne. Cast: Brendan Fraser (Trevor Anderson), Josh Hutcherson (Sean Anderson), Anita Briem (Hannah Ásgeirsson), Seth Meyers.

Trivia: Followed by Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (2012).


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