One Last Blow for Mighty Mo


On September 2, 1945, there was a historic ceremony aboard the USS Missouri – the Japanese were surrendering and the war in the Pacific was over. It was the most memorable moment in the history of the battleship. Well, maybe at least until director Peter Berg decided that the Mighty Mo should play a critical role in his new movie, Battleship. Decommissioned in 1992, and turned into a museum, the battleship ends up saving the day when all else fails in the noisy blockbuster.

In an interview with the Hawaii-based Star Advertiser, Michael Carr, who’s president of the Battleship Missouri Memorial, says that the filmmakers were careful.

– Running wires down several decks into the below-decks area where they filmed in the engine room and the fire rooms and all the equipment being rolled over the teak decks always presents some danger of damage. But we were alert to it and they were conscious of it.

The clip above is color footage of the 1945 surrender ceremony. And here’s my two cents on the movie.


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