O’Reilly vs. The Simpsons, Take Two

The feud between Fox News personality Bill O’Reilly and The Simpsons has been going on for a while now. Two years ago, O’Reilly called the show’s creative talents “pinheads” for biting the hand that feeds them. That wasn’t even the first time The Simpsons hit the conservative news channel; I remember an earlier episode featuring a Fox News-type crawl reading “Do Democrats cause cancer?” At that time it was simply satire. Now we wouldn’t be surprised if we actually heard it from a Republican.

As Fox celebrated its 25th anniversary last weekend, The Simpsons couldn’t help but inform its viewers that they did not include Fox News in their birthday wishes. And O’Reilly couldn’t help but include the jab in his “Reality Check” segment Monday night. “How predictable”, was his comment… but as one could tell from the look on his face the host was most likely not taking the whole thing too seriously. Perhaps he’s realizing that The Simpsons are only playing their part… and his expected outrage is part of the game.

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