5 Summer Movies That Had Better Be Great

Entertainment Weekly recently presented a list of 30 summer movies they “can’t wait to see”. Yeah, right, I thought. As we all know, maybe five of them will be really good. One of them will NOT be Battleship (opening May 18). But how about these five:



The Avengers – My attitude to the previous films have been somewhat lackluster (I awarded all of them three-out-of-five stars, not more or less), but perhaps this could be a game-changer. After all, who can resist the Hulk, Tony Stark, Hawkeye, Captain America, Black Widow and Thor join forces for a movie directed by Joss Whedon? All hell could break loose… and I hope it does. U.S. premiere: May 4.



Moonrise Kingdom – Wes Anderson’s latest looks like it was invented to prove the auteur theory; every part of it is genuinely Anderson-esque. A quirky sense of humor, an all-star cast willing to tone it down in favor of the director’s sensibilities, childhood memories, fatherhood issues… you name it. Looks like another great part for Bill Murray. U.S. premiere: May 25.



Prometheus – The latest trailer (not the one above) is so spoilerific that there’s no doubt anymore that this is a glorious prequel to Alien (1979), in spite of director Ridley Scott’s initial attempts to tone down similarities. Maybe the trailers are setting us up for a huge disappointment, but this looks like an overwhelmingly thrilling return to a sci-fi/horror premise that we love. U.S. premiere: June 8.



Brave – This is Pixar’s hope for a comeback this year. Oh, not with the audience; they seem to have loved Cars 2. No, with the critics who were heartbreakingly disappointed with the John Lasseter-helmed sequel. Brave is the studio’s first fairy-tale, distributed by Disney and directed by Brenda Chapman (who co-directed The Prince of Egypt (1998)) and Mark Andrews who’s apparently known as Brad Bird’s “right-hand man”. Expect darker stuff than the usual Disney fare. U.S. premiere: June 22.



The Dark Knight Rises – Spider-Man, you say? Tired reboot, I say (there’s apparently a rumor that Sony is not too happy about it). The Amazing Spider-Man may still be a great superhero movie, but I liked the Sam Raimi efforts and reserve my anticipation for Christopher Nolan’s third Batman flick. Dark as always, the third trailer (above) shifts into higher gear after 30 seconds and delivers the goods. U.S. premiere: July 20. 

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