Blue Valentine

Nobody baby but you and me.


Marriage and divorce are natural parts of life, and yet uniquely thrilling and devastating to each individual. This film, that took many years for the director to get off the ground, is an emotional and involving look at all stages of a marriage, from the first time the couple laid eyes on each other until the painful realization that divorce papers need to be signed. The filmmakers jump back and forth between the early and late stages and the two stars are just as convincing when their characters are falling in love as when they’re resenting each other years later. Very down-to-earth, often uncomfortably fascinating and even touching.

2010-U.S. 112 min. Color. Produced by Lynette Howell, Alex Orlovsky, Jamie Patricof. Directed by Derek Cianfrance. Screenplay: Derek Cianfrance, Joey Curtis, Cami Delavigne. Cast: Ryan Gosling (Dean), Michelle Williams (Cindy), Faith Wladyka (Frankie), John Doman, Mike Vogel, Ben Shenkman. 

Last word: “I actually started writing ‘Blue Valentine’ in January of 1998 at Sundance. I actually wrote it on the same Sunday the Broncos won their Super Bowl. It was something that I felt like I needed to do. I think all of us grew up with this fantasy notion of relationships, the happily ever after, but I just felt like from all the relationships that I had seen, from my parents to my own relationships, those relationships didn’t work out the way they did in movies.” (Cianfrance, Huffington Post)


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