Death of a Crooner


Last Saturday saw this year’s Eurovision Song Contest play out in Azerbaijan. As a Swede, I can’t feel anything but pride over Loreen’s victory with “Euphoria” and I look forward to next year’s show in Sweden that will hopefully dazzle the continent (and Australia, a nation that harbors an unhealthy fascination with everything Eurovision).

The first act in this year’s contest was Britain, represented by the 76-year-old Engelbert Humperdinck who delivered “Love Will Set You Free”, a tune that sounds like it was written more than a few decades ago, especially as sung by Humperdinck. This kind of music used to win the Eurovision Song Contest all the time, but obviously there’s no place for it now; the song ended up second to last.

I think it’s one of this year’s best entries. Maybe I’m too old-fashioned… but its demise in the contest made me laugh. There were so many outrageously bad songs that it’s amazing how this could be singled out as one of the worst. A few examples:

  • Albania: Frankenstein’s bride with a voice that could terrify werewolves.

  • Russia: The babushkas are indeed charming. The song? Utter horror.

  • Ireland: The Jedward twins mount a comeback. The results: Utter mediocrity.

  • Estonia: Viewed as a favorite for a while, but too boring to make an impact.

I’m sorry, but can you blame me for appreciating a song that makes one think more of Vegas than a cheap bar in Moscow?


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One thought on “Death of a Crooner”

  1. Jedward scares me a ltlite bit. They remind me of a young Robert Pattinson/Clay Aiken mix, and it creeps me out that there’s TWO OF THEM.I’m not crazy about Denmark’s entry this year, it’s horribly cliche9 and while I know that’s in the spirit of Eurovision, I still think they could’ve done better (by, I don’t know, NOT ripping off Sweden). I didn’t watch it yesterday, but I might watch it tonight, there’s always some really funny ones inbetween! 🙂 Thanks for reminding me!

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