The Return of H.R. Giger


Take a look at the collection of drawings and designs by H.R. Giger in the clip above. They will remind you of how these innovations were realized in Alien (1979), Ridley Scott’s groundbreaking horror movie. Now they’re back, or at least designs inspired by them, in Prometheus that has Scott returning to the Alien franchise for the first time in over 30 years. Giger was also back on the set, drawing murals for one scene that takes place on the moon where much of the action happens.

Without revealing any secrets, I can assure ticket-buyers that not only have the filmmakers respected original ideas but also developed them in interesting (and icky) ways, as well as come up with explanations for how the creatures evolved (and who the Space Jockey is).

Prometheus opens June 8 in the U.S., tomorrow in Britain. Here’s my take.

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