The Swimsuit Issue

Fredrik (Jonas Inde), an unemployed journalist, and his floorball buddies are suddenly in need of a new pastime activity… which leads them into the enchanting world of synchronized men’s swimming. Director Måns Herngren takes an oft-trodden path, delivering another homegrown comedy that relies heavily on the expected and familiar. Unfortunately, its formula is extremely close to The Full Monty (1997), which also challenged male perceptions of masculinity. That wouldn’t have been a great issue if only the movie were funnier and its clichés handled in smarter ways.

2008-Sweden-Germany. 102 min. Color. Widescreen. Directed by Måns Herngren. Screenplay: Måns Herngren, Jane Magnusson, Brian Cordray. Songs: The Soundtrack of Our Lives. Cast: Jonas Inde (Fredrik), Amanda Davin (Sara), Andreas Rothlin Svensson (Charles), Jimmy Lindström, Peter Gardiner, Benny Haag… Ia Langhammer. 



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