Kerry Does Romney… And Josh Brolin Should Be Next




John Kerry is the next Mitt Romney. It was reported the other day that the Massachusetts Senator will “play” the former Massachusetts Governor in President Barack Obama’s mock debates, which are meant to prepare the President for this fall’s debates with the GOP nominee. Kerry is the obvious choice, an experienced debater who ran against President George W. Bush in 2004 and knows what Romney is all about as they both come from the same state. The Senator may have lost the presidential election, but there’s no doubt that he’s a force to reckon with, as seen in the first clip above. Kerry does a great job; he’s informed, clear and stable. The only thing missing is that he’s not terribly compelling or “ordinary”… which is how Bush beat him. 

Now, does that sound like anyone you’ve seen on TV? Yes, throughout the primary campaign and into the general election season, Mitt Romney has reminded us of John Kerry. They share a stiffness and ridiculous wealth that work against them, they’re both from Massachusetts… If Kerry puts his heart in it, I think that Obama will find eerie similarities between them that will only spur him to do better in the debates. And that’s a good thing. Perhaps he should study those 2004 debates and take a cue from them – use Kerry’s cool-headed arguments but frame them in the simplistic way that Bush would.



So, by the by, who would play Mitt Romney in a future feature (or made-for-TV) film? My money’s on Josh Brolin. He did indeed play George W. Bush a few years ago in W., but he has that kind of classical movie-star good looks that would fit the current GOP nominee. Just take a look at the trailer above for W. (which is actually better than the  movie itself) and see what I mean. It would be a completely different performance, but Brolin would nail Romney’s looks. If he were younger, Brolin’s father James (who played Ronald Reagan in a miniseries) might also be a suitable choice.

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