Shepherd Smith Reveals His TV Habits

I love this clip. Mediaite did a story yesterday about how Fox News anchor Shepherd Smith seemed to completely lose interest in what he was talking to Andrew Napolitano about earlier that day and started asking him about True Blood (which the judge had never seen). The HBO show started its fifth season last Sunday and apparently Smith is a red-hot fan. His guests looked more than a little bewildered at his repeated references to the show. Not surprising for a cable network that panders to an audience that would never look up anything as liberal and sinful as True Blood.

One of the funniest aspects of this exchange, as Mediaite notes, is the fact that Smith insists on adding a definite article (“the”) before True Blood, as well as Mad Men and HBO. Not clear why… but it’s kind of endearing, especially as it all takes place on such an anti-liberal cable network. Smith is its leading news anchor, netting $7 million-8 million a year (according to – which is interesting because Smith rarely looks like one of its typical conservative mouthpieces. Earlier this year he drew the ire of Rush Limbaugh for seeming to support President Barack Obama’s rational views on gay marriage.


He’s also been praised by Rachel Maddow (clip above), which is like being endorsed by Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders.


… and then there’s this clip from 2009, where Smith lets the most “severe” conservatives of his audience have it. Kudos, after all, to Fox News for not removing Shepherd Smith after committing these crimes against Rupert Murdoch’s empire. But then again, money talks. And Shepherd Smith has a large audience.

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