Mad Men and Girls Deserve the Top Emmys


The Emmy nominations were announced last week, with help from Kerry Washington and Jimmy Kimmel, two ABC personalities as the show will air on that network this year September 23. A few observations:

  • I’m glad to see Girls get recognized as much as it was. Lena Dunham, the show’s creator and star, was very excited and told EW: “I wish I didn’t have so many visions of, like, myself talking to Joan Rivers. Or making someone who didn’t want to hook up with me in college cry.”
  • I’m a huge fan of Modern Family, but last season was not its strongest and perhaps this is a year when Girls should win.
  • Emmy really, really likes Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Her nomination for Veep is her 13th (the others are for Seinfeld and The New Adventures of Old Christine). I don’t think she’ll win, but she’s a trooper.
  • Emmy’s sycophantic tendencies are a little embarrassing at times. Yes, we know that Margaret Cho can easily turn herself into Kim Jong-Il, not least because she’s Korean-American. But that doesn’t automatically make her brief appearance on 30 Rock Emmy-worthy.
  • Hugh Laurie did not get a final nod for House, which is a shame because at some point he should have won an Emmy.
  • I love Peter Dinklage in Game of Thrones. I adore Jared Harris in Mad Men. I admire Aaron Paul in Breaking Bad. But the Supporting Actor in a Drama Series Emmy this year belongs to Giancarlo Esposito in Breaking Bad who went out with a bang.
  • I’m very pleased to see so many actors (and the show itself) get as many Emmy nominations as the second season of Downton Abbey did. But that doesn’t automatically mean that I think it deserves to win that many Emmys this year.
  • The Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series Emmy this year belongs to Claire Danes in Homeland. No question about it.
  • Right now, I believe that Mad Men and Girls will win the top awards.
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