Remembering 50 Years on Her Majesty’s Secret Service


The other night we saw him open the Olympics together with the woman he’s been serving the past half century. And I’m not talking about M. James Bond (who’s been on screen since 1962, but is currently played by a younger-looking Daniel Craig) escorted Queen Elizabeth II from Buckingham Palace to the Olympic Stadium and even jumped out of a helicopter together with the 86-year-old monarch. Well, at least it looked like it. 

According to an AP report, the Queen was apparently very impressed with how the Danny Boyle-directed introduction, her first chance to play a “Bond girl”, turned out and thought it was very funny. As for Craig and everybody involved with the 23rd Bond flick, Skyfall, Boyle’s piece was obviously a great PR opportunity; a new spot for the upcoming movie, featuring several new sequences (including spectacular action involving a moving train), also aired during commercial breaks.

The new era is certainly looking fresh. But the predecessors had plenty to offer as well. Today, I’m kicking off my own little series of blog entries that celebrate 50 years of Bond on screen. It starts here.

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