The Green Berets

They had to be the toughest fighting force on Earth – and the men who led them had to be just a little bit tougher!

… or, How John Wayne went to Vietnam, showed the South Vietnamese how to fight like Americans and shamed those yellow-belly liberals who had complained about the war. Aided by the Johnson Administration in the hope of putting a good spin on the war, Wayne nevertheless failed in coming up with anything else but a jingoistic and naive movie that was obviously not filmed in Asia and goes on forever even though there’s no real story to tell.

1968-U.S. 141 min. Color. Widescreen. Directed by John Wayne, Ray Kellogg. Novel: Robin Moore. Cast: John Wayne (Mike Kirby), David Janssen (George Beckworth), Jim Hutton (Petersen), Aldo Ray, Raymond St. Jacques, Bruce Cabot… George Takei, Patrick Wayne. 

Trivia: The most famous scene is the ending where the sun sets in the East.


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