Biden – Anything But Another Quayle

You have got to love Vice President Joe Biden. I realize that a lot of people don’t. He constantly steps in it, delivering gaffe after gaffe. Just take a look at the clip above from The Tonight Show where Jay Leno is having fun with duck tape. The thing is though that usually when Biden creates headlines the “controversy” dies almost immediately. His most recent gaffe was when he told a largely black audience in Virginia that Mitt Romney’s financial policies are going to “put y’all back in chains.” That was the punchline of an argument involving the “unchaining” of Wall Street, but the racial impact wasn’t lost on conservative commentators who blew a fuse. President Obama, however, defended his VP and called the racial angle accidental. After all, there was a reason why he picked Biden in the first place four years ago and he still needs his attack dog, just like Bush 43 needed Cheney, Nixon Agnew… and Bush 41 Quayle. 


Still, those who compare Joe Biden with Dan Quayle are making a serious mistake. There is one huge difference between these two guys. Dan Quayle’s gaffes were incredibly embarrassing and made the American people question his IQ. Joe Biden’s gaffes on the other hand often look like anything but mistakes. 


In May 2010, Biden introduced Obama as he was about to sign the healthcare reform legislation and mics caught him telling the President that this is a “big fucking deal”. Scandal? Well… Let’s just say that it didn’t exactly hurt Biden’s standing with the base. Blue-collar workers always appreciate a man who tells it like it is. Another incident that was initially regarded as a”gaffe” was when he told Meet the Press that he was “absolutely comfortable” with same-sex marriage… only days before Obama announced the historic decision to endorse the idea. As reported in Business Insider yesterday, that “gaffe” along with the others makes Biden look like the ideal tactician carrying out Obama’s bolder strategies. 

Another Dan Quayle? Not even close.

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