James Bond 50: Battle in the Blue


As the world’s most famous spy celebrates 50 years as a movie star, the time has come to celebrate everything we love about him. In 22 blog posts, I’ll find something in every Bond movie, from Dr. No (1962) to Quantum of Solace (2008), that’s worth illustrating. Yes, even the bad ones.

The fourth film marked a decline in quality for the franchise, but is still entertaining. Chiefly remembered for its large-scale underwater battle, the clip above has divers fighting each other with fists, knives and harpoons. Bond always seems comfortable in any environment, but water is an element he’s mastered on many occasions over the years. Incidentally, this showdown is reminiscent of the infamous laser battle in the end of Moonraker (1979).

My 2006 review of Thunderball.

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