The GOP Assault on Todd Akin

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Todd Akin, the Missouri Republican senatorial candidate challenging Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill this fall, is a dream come true for Democrats. Anyone who keeps a close eye on the American conservative mindset (I have to add “American”, because few European or Canadian conservatives would admit to agreeing with the GOP base, that’s how isolated they are) knows how the party has developed in recent years. The disdain for science and minority rights has only grown stronger, so when I first read Akin’s comments about “legitimate rape” and how women have “ways to shut [rape-induced pregnancy] down” I wasn’t all that surprised. I was certainly not expecting this kind of backlash; after all, the Akin controversy is along the lines of what many Republicans seem to believe in and their statements don’t always get this attention. But this time they did, and everybody agreed that it’s hurting the party badly.

As it stands now, Akin vows to stay in the race and defy “party bosses”… even though they include virtually everybody, from Mitt Romney to Sarah Palin to Sean friggin’ Hannity. Today, Republicans even planted a story on CNN that Akin is living in a “parallel universe”, like he’s the Unabomber or something. They really, really want him gone. That means, Akin is all alone. Even though the last polls showed Akin with a lead, he is now all but certain to crash and burn. In the clip above, Rachel Maddow goes through how this controversy should not be viewed as an isolated event, including the choice of Paul Ryan as Romney’s VP candidate.


All I’m waiting for now in this memorably crazy senatorial race is the Todd Akin version of the now-classic clip above, where former Delaware GOP candidate Christine O’Donnell actually had to explain to her voters that she’s not a witch.

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