… And Mitt Ain’t One


Alright, maybe President Barack Obama is not cocky enough to record his own version of Jay-Z’s “99 Problems”, but Diran Lyon’s remix above is irresistible – and the President has reason to feel a little more comfortable as he prepares for next week’s debate with Governor Mitt Romney, their first out of three. The Real Clear Politics Average (gathering results from Rasmussen, Gallup, Fox News, AP and others) shows Obama with a healthy four percentage point lead. The New York Times’s highly trusted FiveThirtyEight blog now rates Obama’s reelection chances at close to 84 %.

As expected, increasingly desperate conservatives who keep blaming the media for the woes of their party and candidate (such as vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan today) are now even passing the buck to a new target – apparently, the pollsters are lying about Romney’s chances in some crazy scheme to help Obama get reelected. This is a myth propelled by people like radio host Mike Gallagher who had Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace as a guest the other day – and was told that his opinions are wrong and the polls are not. Gallagher grudgingly had to accept being educated by a man who after all does believe that the mainstream media is biased toward Obama.


The first of the presidential debates is this Wednesday, October 3. Dare one hope for some idealism along the lines of The West Wing? In the clips above, Matt Santos (Jimmy Smits) takes pride in being called a “liberal”, and President Jed Bartlet (Martin Sheen) makes it clear that some issues are too complex for “ten-word answers”. Of course, Romney could just as easily benefit from similar moments, proudly owning the label “conservative” and attacking the President for his own “ten-word answers”. Those who ridicule the GOP candidate now should think back to the primary season and consider how few mistakes Romney made in the debates.

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