Conan O’Brien is Wrong About Hasselbeck

When President Barack Obama and the First Lady visited The View earlier this week, they faced some harsher questions from right-leaning co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck, which inspired Conan O’Brien in the clip above. Apparently, Conan believes that a person whose media experience comes from an appearance on Survivor and then landing the View gig disqualifies her from asking the leader of the free world tough questions. As much as I love Conan’s comedy (and I did enjoy some of his back-and-forth with Andy Richter here), I can’t agree with him. The Obama presidency should be about serving the whole nation, not just the President’s admirers. Unlike Mitt Romney and the current GOP leadership, Obama and the Democratic Party should represent the people. Ridiculing valid questions from conservatives is an elitist approach more fitting Mr. “47 %” himself.

The problems surrounding Governor Romney’s campaign continue. In the clip above, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow can’t help digging into his ads, which he described on CNN as “absolutely spot-on” even though its falsehoods have been pointed out by fact-checkers on several instances. Maddow performs a public service and goes through the history of the ads, just to remind voters. It’s not a pretty sight for the Romney campaigns, but he did after all more or less challenge her. Maddow is not likely to face much criticism from the campaign itself. Romney advisor Ed Gillespie recently told Fox & Friends that the campaign has a “no whining” rule regarding the media, meaning they won’t go into meaningless tit-for-tats with reporters and news shows. A wise decision, partly because they’ve been caught lying too many times, party because it makes them look like they’re above petty squabbling. Still, the campaign faces attacks from all sides. As always, professional blabber-mouth Newt Gingrich is no help. In an interview with CNN, the former Speaker criticized the campaign’s apparent lack of flexibility, as if his own primary campaign last spring is a role model. Gingrich also looked clueless as he attacked Romney’s acknowledgment that Obama cares about the middle class. Does the Speaker genuinely believe that the President doesn’t care? Such dishonesty.


One last clip. This one has been released by a pro-Obama super PAC called the Jewish Council for Education and Research. A parody on Samuel L. Jackson’s recording of “Go the F**k to Sleep”, it’s intended to jump-start Democrats who have become too disillusioned or lazy to work as aggressively for Obama as they did in 2008. Amusing… but it does reflect a genuine concern.

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