James Bond 50: The Jaws of Death


As the world’s most famous spy celebrates 50 years as a movie star, the time has come to celebrate everything we love about him. In 22 blog posts, I’ll find something in every Bond movie, from Dr. No (1962) to Quantum of Solace (2008), that’s worth illustrating. Yes, even the bad ones.

The eleventh Bond stirs up conflicting emotions inside a Roger Moore fan like myself. I do realize that it’s a simple rip-off of The Spy Who Loved Me, a heartless and unbelievably lazy project. For that, it deserves to be scorned. And yet I can’t help but feel tremendously entertained every time I catch it on TV. One reason is Richard Kiel as Jaws, the henchman from The Spy… who returned for a second bout. The clip above is heavily edited for some reason, but features an amusing struggle between Bond and Jaws on top of a tram.

My 2006 review of Moonraker.

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