The HBO Bitter Republicans Project?

Coming on the heels of polls showing that Mitt Romney did not get much of a boost after the Republican National Convention and Barack Obama getting a substantial push forward after the Democratic equivalent, conservative pundits like Rush Limbaugh and Laura Ingraham are starting to look scared and confused on TV. In the Fox News clip above, the latter is attacking Romney for not doing better. Her recipe: “Start winning […] Look like you’re ahead in Ohio and Pennsylvania”. Exactly how this is to be achieved… well, Ingraham fails to inform the Romney campaign of the magical solution. According to her, a Romney win in November ought to be a slam-dunk, and she’s amazed that it doesn’t look like it. That goes for Rush Limbaugh as well, who predicted yesterday that an Obama win would mean the destruction of the Republican Party.


As for the presidential election, Republicans would have us believe that it’s 1980 all over again. They’re still searching for a TV soundbite moment like the one from the clip above, a debate between President Jimmy Carter and Governor Ronald Reagan. They might still get one. After all, we have the debates left. Still, as Steve Benen notes on The Rachel Maddow Show’s blog, this election is nothing like 1980. Instead, it looks very much like 2004.

A future HBO TV movie about this election should focus on the bitterness and extremism already boiling underneath the surface of the GOP, with perhaps Danny Glover as Herman Cain, Philip Seymour Hoffman as Newt Gingrich, David Strathairn as Ron Paul, Josh Brolin as Rick Perry… and here’s a bold suggestion: Jane Badler as Michele Bachmann?

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