Don’t let them put you under.

Medical student Susan Wheeler (Lauren Ambrose) learns that an unusually high number of patients have fallen into comas in the operating room; she’s on the verge of exposing a huge conspiracy. A star-studded, expanded version of Robin Cook’s novel that was previously adapted as a feature film in 1978. That movie successfully condensed the story into an exciting thriller, but this miniseries feels awfully padded. The filmmakers try to give the impression that they’re on to something hot, but the intense score and fast editing won’t fool anyone. Still, the cast makes sure it is entertaining enough.

2012-U.S. Made for TV. 160 min. Color. Directed by Mikael Salomon. Novel: Robin Cook. Cast: Lauren Ambrose (Susan Wheeler), Steven Pasquale (Mark Bellows), Geena Davis (Agnetta Lindquist), Ellen Burstyn, James Woods, Richard Dreyfuss.

Trivia: Originally shown in two episodes. Co-executive produced by Ridley and Tony Scott.



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