Good Billionaire, Bad Billionaire

Boys and girls, this week we have learned that there are different kinds of billionaires. First of all, there’s George Lucas who sold LucasFilm to Disney for $4 billion. Fans of the Star Wars saga may speculate on the reasons for and consequences of the sale; many wise analysts have tried to connect the dots, among them James Russell in a Guardian blog entry. One thing is clear though; Lucas intends to donate the bulk of his earnings to education. Considering the filmmaker’s previous interest in charitable causes, that’s no surprise. One should also remember that Lucas had amassed a huge fortune before the sale; there’s a limit to how much money a person can spend.

But there are other kinds of billionaires as well. There’s Donald Trump, who spent the last week trying to convince the world that on top of Trump Tower in New York City sits an evil ogre with a bad combover. As you may recall, the Donald tried to extort the President into releasing papers verifying that he’s not some simple-minded, Kenya-born Negro who stole the 2008 election. When Obama ignored Trump’s deadline, the billionaire released the video above where he declared Obama’s decision not to listen to Trump “a sad day for the United States of America”. 

If Trump really wants to be a patriot and help his country, how about donating a lot more than $5 million (which must be pocket money to Trump) to charitable causes? That would go a long way toward rebuilding his ruined reputation. According to a Hollywood Reporter poll, the billionaire actually makes voters more likely to support Obama.

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