Liz & Dick

Covering twenty years of passionate lovemaking, no-holds-barred drinking, fighting, fame, fortune and paparazzi, this Lifetime biography of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton’s love affair got a lot of attention because of Lindsay Lohan’s decision to take a break from court appearances, partying and rehab stints and actually do some work. Unfortunately, she’s simply not up to the challenge of portraying Taylor; Grant Bowler, however, does at least get Burton’s voice right. The film as a whole is all surface, no depth… and even a bit tedious.

2012-U.S. Made for TV. 88 min. Color. Directed by Lloyd Kramer. Cast: Lindsay Lohan (Elizabeth Taylor), Grant Bowler (Richard Burton), Theresa Russell (Sara Taylor), David Hunt, Bruce Nozick, Tanya Franks.

Trivia: Megan Fox and Olivia Wilde were allegedly considered for the part of Taylor.



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