Julia’s Eyes

juliaseyesAfter the suicide of her blind sister, Julia (Belén Rueda) (who is also losing her eyesight) begins to feel the presence of a shadowy figure in her life. Blind-woman-in-jeopardy is virtually a film genre of its own. The director creates a sense of paranoia (especially when we see things from Julia’s impaired perspective) and delivers a few chills as the man in the shadows keeps following Julia around; she firmly believes that he killed her sister. A bit too repetitious and Julia’s behavior is not always believable, but it’s still intriguing and surprisingly romantic. Good performance by Rueda.

2010-Spain. 118 min. Color. Widescreen. Produced by Guillermo del Toro, Juan Carlos Caro, Joaquín Padró, Mar Targarona, José Torrescusa. Directed by Guillem Morales. Cast: Belén Rueda (Julia Levin/Sara), Lluís Homar (Isaac Levin), Pablo Derqui (Àngel), Francesc Orella, Joan Dalmau, Julia Gutíerrez Caba.

Trivia: Original title: Los ojos de Julia.

5 kopia


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