Underground: The Julian Assange Story

undergroundIn 1989, Australian Federal Police look into computer hackings and realize that the people they’re up against are mere boys, one of them a teenager called Julian Assange (Alex Williams). Assange may be a highly controversial figure today, either a hero, criminal, sex offender or coward depending on who you’re talking to. This TV movie explores his roots as a brilliant hacker and his motivations. Sympathetic toward Assange, but his arrogance and indifference to others are hinted at. Good cast, especially Rachel Griffiths as Julian’s mom, but as a biography it’s fairly mediocre.

2012-Australia. Made for TV. 89 min. Color. Written and directed by Robert Connolly. Book: Suelette Dreyfus. Cast: Rachel Griffiths (Christine Assange), Anthony LaPaglia (Ken Roberts), Alex Williams (Julian Assange), Laura Wheelwright, Callan McAuliffe, Jordan Raskopoulos.



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