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theactorsStage actor Anthony O’Malley (Michael Caine) talks a younger colleague (Dylan Moran) into a scheme to con a gangster (Michael Gambon) out of £50,000. Watching Caine transform into a woman again, as he did in Dressed to Kill (1980), feels like a privilege but this minor comedy never even reached theaters in the U.S., in spite of his star billing. Moran does most of the work here, as the scheme requires him to play several outlandish characters. Some of them are funny, others tiresome. The same can be said of the film as a whole.

2003-Britain-Germany-Ireland. 91 min. Color. Produced by Neil Jordan, Redmond Morris, Stephen Woolley. Written and directed by Conor McPherson. Cast: Michael Caine (Anthony O’Malley), Dylan Moran (Tom Quirk), Michael Gambon (Barreller), Lena Headey, Miranda Richardson, Michael McElhatton.

Trivia: Based on a story by Jordan.

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