The Adjustment Bureau


adjustmentbureauCongressman David Norris (Matt Damon), who has a very promising future, meets and instantly falls in love with a dancer (Emily Blunt)… but soon learns from grim-looking men in suits and hats that she’s not part of The Plan. Another adaptation of a Philip K. Dick story that is easy on the eyes, with its chilly New York City locations, and attractive performances by Damon and Blunt as the lovers who were never meant to fall for each other. It’s an elegant, romantic albeit lightweight story about how little chance affects our lives, and its amusing supernatural ingredients create a well-needed level of tension.

2011-U.S. 106 min. Color. Widescreen. Written and directed by George Nolfi. Short Story: Philip K. Dick (“Adjustment Team”). Cast: Matt Damon (David Norris), Emily Blunt (Elise Sellas), Anthony Mackie (Harry Mitchell), John Slattery, Michael Kelly, Terence Stamp.

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