polisseA photographer (Maïwenn) follows the Child Protection Unit, a part of the Paris Police, and is drawn into their professional and personal lives. The director and her writing partner did a fair bit of research prior to making this film, so there’s a lot of realism here. At the same time, the depiction of these cops and their unruly lives is uneven and their raw sense of humor provides a few uncomfortable scenes that clash with other more emotional moments. Brought to life by a very lively cast, including rapper Joeystarr who’s quite effective, especially in a heartbreaking pivotal scene.

2011-France. 127 min. Color. Directed by Maïwenn. Screenplay: Maïwenn, Emmanuelle Bercot. Cast: Karin Viard (Nadine), Joeystarr (Fred), Marina Foïs (Iris), Nicolas Duvauchelle, Karole Rocher, Emmanuelle Bercot… Maïwenn.

Cannes: Jury Prize.

5 kopia



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